Monday, April 19, 2010

A Dream Becoming Reality

So this weekend I had the pleasure of spending Saturday and Sunday with my fiance's parents. It was so awesome to see them again. I haven't seen them since I left Thailand in late January of this year. Bethany and I picked them up from LAX and headed to The HAT (Bethany's dad's favorite restaurant). Then the wedding adventures continued on. I got to see our wedding invitations and they were amazing! Every single invitation was hand crafted for us in Thailand. We spent the afternoon with some of the Christian's supporters and they were so amazing. It's awesome to meet couple's with such giving hearts and such a sense for adventure. We enjoyed a delicious bbq meal for dinner and hit up Target for a few small things.

Sunday was amazing. My family came down from Redlands to hang out with Bethany, me, and her family. We all loaded up into our vehicles and ate at Arthur's Coffee Shop in La Habra for breakfast. It was a great breakfast and then we headed down to Vista, CA to show our families the venue we had chosen for our marriage ceremony and reception.

The afternoon went so great after touring the place and learning a little bit more about the venue we thought what better a time to head to the beach to scout for hotels, catering services, and a dinner location. After spending some time on the pier we walked a few blocks inland and had some great Mexican food and then headed home. It is such a blessing to see our two families hanging out and getting along! I am so excited for us to join our two families together on September 4, 2010. The day is fast approaching and this week is is dedicated to helping Bethany and her mom in getting things for the wedding in order seeing that they are only here for the week.

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  1. I'm sorting through my blog list, Michael. Will this ever be revived- or should I delete it? I'm writing this on April 8-2011